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A Simple Vision

In early 2007, in the cold shadows of Utah's Wasatch Mountains, a few professional pioneers came together to fulfill their vision of creating a company around one single idea: helping people learn the skills to live happy and healthy lives.

Owner Andrea Anaya drew upon her experience as an innovator in quality curriculum and online education to meet the group's goal. Travis Jackson, founder of an online physical wellness company, added his experience in healthcare industry and a clear understanding of customers' needs. Finally, Dr. Kevin Skinner, a practicing psychotherapist, brought his understanding of the therapeutic process and the deep desire to reach more people in need. On that day, a simple, grand idea came alive.

In the Beginning

The early days of MyExpertSolution centered around building relationships with mental health professionals and experts who could deliver reliable help and quality materials. Experts on depression, anxiety, addiction, stress, and relationships were among the first recruited. Soon, the collection of experts broadened, representing specialties ranging from nutrition to education to PTSD. Brought together by Dr. Skinner, this network of trusted professionals began delivering advice and resources to customers. Meanwhile, Travis began travelling, meeting with businesses, individuals, and insurance companies, sharing the vision and the excitement. The reception was tremendous. Companies have long recognized the toll that family, mental, and emotional problems were taking on their employees, but they didn't know how to help them. Soon, MyExpertSolution began contracting with their first companies and the vision became real.

In 2010, MyExpertSolution added another valuable team member. Allen Tietjen joined the company, bringing his twenty-five years of success and experience in marketing and management of large, multi-national technology-driven companies. He, too, saw in the young company something that fulfilled more than his desire for professional success. The company's vision was personal and driven by values... something some businesses had forgotten long ago. Allen has brought a new methodology of delivering great service and the strategies for delivering an inspiring online learning platform.

Today and Beyond

Today, MyExpertSolution is a growing company with its goals and values still at the center of everything it does. The ideas cultivated from the beginning are now becoming more innovative and powerful, including the development of new interactive learning tools, in-depth workshops, additional media, and a powerful technological platform. The excitement shared by the original group has now spread to the nearly forty MyExpertSolution employees. They know what they are doing is progressive and uncharted... but most importantly, they know they are changing lives.