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Allen Tietjen - Chief Executive Officer

In 1960, Allen's family left home and traveled 3,700 miles to a remote Alaskan town, where his parents started a cattle ranching business. Allen's upbringing on the primitive Alaskan Frontier instilled in him a desire to explore and a passion for building things from the ground up.

After graduating from high school in 1978, Allen spent two years doing volunteer work in Argentina. Then he earned a bachelor's degree in computer science from Brigham Young University. While in college, Allen started building several small businesses, but he was troubled by the problem of scalability. In order to master this difficulty, Allen set out to get a different type of education, this time in the hands-on practices of large-scale businesses. In 1988 Allen joined Novell, a multinational company and took leadership roles in Quality Assurance, Engineering, Marketing Strategy, and Management. During his tenure he rejuvenated older business lines that had been losing revenue and he started several new product lines; the most successful of these has been returning $120 million in sales annually. In 2005, Allen also completed a master's degree in business administration. During his 20 years in the high-tech business arena, Allen mastered the problem of scalability and translated his success into real company revenue. After a successful career with big business, Allen found himself longing for new challenges. More appealing than building up the financial accounts of well-established businesses was the idea of working with a new and rapidly rising company.

Allen joined MyExpertSolution in 2010, where he combines his past business expertise with his future ambitions: to build real change in the areas where it matters most—in the day to day lives of real people. When not at MyExpertSolution, Allen spends time with his wife and kids working on their cabin, an ongoing project that Allen built from the ground up.

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