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Andrea Anaya - Chairman of the Board

As a child, Andrea's big dream was to grow up and become a mom. Writing a training course for medical transcription is not something Andrea ever imagined herself doing. But at age 22 she formed the idea and, with her infant daughter in tow, Andrea started a company that would ultimately generate tens of millions in annual revenue. But her financial success is not nearly so important to Andrea as is the reason she built the business in the first place. The single most powerful motivator in Andrea's life is her philanthropic mindset, the belief that you can change the world by focusing on the needs of others, one person at a time.

Andrea learned medical transcription from her mother and used it to support herself through college. She earned her bachelor's degree in history from Brigham Young University. During these years, Andrea received constant requests from friends or acquaintances who hoped she would be willing to teach them how to do medical transcription. It was these requests that ultimately prompted the creation of Career Step, a medical transcription training company. A pioneer in online education, Andrea built her programs on integrated cutting-edge technology and a tiered learning structure that ensured student success. During each phase of company growth, Andrea insisted that personal integrity and customer service should be the basis of all business decisions. When Career Step earned its first million dollars, Andrea cheered. When she received a box of chocolates and note from a medical transcription student thanking Andrea for changing her life, Andrea cried. It was the second payoff that meant the most to her. Andrea sold Career Step in 2009 after training more than 50,000 students. She intended to retire, but the prospect of helping people more directly and profoundly lured her out of retirement before she actually arrived there. She had been involved in crafting the concept of MyExpertSolution since 2007 but joined as CEO in 2009.

Andrea is excited to bring both her leadership experience and online education expertise to MyExpertSolution. Her vision is to provide quality interactive education and real-life solutions that will promote mental strength, emotional stability, and personal happiness for millions of users. Andrea, her husband, and four children live contentedly in Salem, Utah, during the fall and winter months. But spring takes the Anayas to their cabin on the Alaskan coastline in Halibut Cove. There they occupy themselves through the summer with deep sea fishing, hunting clams and, when necessary, chopping wood.

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