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The general evaluation is a tool designed to help you understand your current circumstances and guide you to resources for growth and improvement. Your overall wellbeing and the core components of your life will be assessed and you will receive personalized strategies and guidance for taking the next step.


ADD and ADHD affect millions of American adults and children. These disorders impact a person's relationships, school, and work. This evaluation will help you identify some of the most common characteristics of ADD and ADHD in you or in someone you care about.

Alcohol Addiction

You know yourself better than anyone, yet at times you can become blinded to the truth. The alcohol assessment provides an honest examination of your drinking habits that will help you look honestly at your alcohol consumption.


Anxiety is a high level of fear that is NOT in proportion to what is happening in our lives. This assessment will help you see if you are experiencing the typical physical, mental, and emotional symptoms associated with anxiety.


We all know what depression is, but do you understand how your behaviors, thoughts, and feelings can either help your or hurt you. This easy inventory examines if you are vulnerable to moods of sadness.

Divorce Risk

Relationships are the most important part of our lives. Unfortunately, they can also be the most difficult part as well. The divorce indicator looks at key predictors for relationship problems and will place in a high, moderate, or low range for divorce vulnerability.

Estrés - En Español

El estrés es una parte normal y necesaria de la vida, sin embargo, cuando se intensifica demasiado nos quita nuestra productividad. La siguiente corta prueba evalúa si Ud. tiene la correcta actitud mental, los hábitos en su estilo de vida y el apoyo social que le permitan prosperar con un poco de estrés en su vida.

Infidelity Recovery

While infidelity can be damaging and painful, relationships can recover and even grow after an affair. This short assessment helps you evaluate the strength of your relationship after your partner has had an affair and understand the best steps to help you recover.

Life Satisfaction

Would you like to get more out of life? Evaluate your current level of happiness by taking a brief evaluation. Your results will offer ideas, resources, and practical strategies for improving your level of life satisfaction.

Stress - En Español

Stress is a normal and necessary part of life, however, when it becomes too intense it will rob us of us of our productivity. This simple test will examine if you have the right mental attitude, lifestyle habits, and social supports that will allow you to thrive with a little stress.


Traumatic events can affect us physically, mentally, and emotionally for years to come. Understanding how trauma affects you is a great first step in healing. This evaluation is designed to help you assess how a difficult or traumatic event from your past may have influenced your life.