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The feelings brought on by infidelity can affect every part of your life. Often, your most cherished relationship is the victim when your loved one has an affair. You can begin to pick up the pieces and truly heal again.


Sadness creeps up on everyone from time to time, but depression is unrelenting, unforgiving, and debilitating. Although depression makes you feel hopeless and powerless, there is help available and you can overcome depression.


Divorce affects so many lives, and even in the best of circumstances it is difficult and traumatic. It reaches deep into the lives of all those who come in contact with it. Let us answer your real questions and concerns.

Grief and Loss

Although grief is a natural universal reaction to loss, there are times when you may feel alone, numb, or emotionally out of control. The good news is you can recover from loss and find your way back to a meaningful life.


Many people believe that happiness is a mystery, something they strive for that always seems just out of reach. But there are real changes you can make and practical action you can take to make happiness truly attainable in your life.


If you have suffered from a traumatic event and you find that you continue to be deeply troubled by it, you need to know that PTSD is real, and there is real help available.


We all have feelings of self-doubt and inadequacy at times in our lives. If left unchecked, poor self-esteem can become chronic, affecting every aspect of our lives. But you don't need to suffer with a poor self-image. There is help.