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Anger is a response that many people fear and avoid in both themselves and in others, but anger is not in itself bad. In fact, anger can be a positive response to threats and can be responsible for self-preservation. While anger itself is a natural response to certain triggers in our lives, when the anger is uncontrollable, it affects our work, our relationships, our homes, and our outlook on life. Identifying uncontrollable anger is a good first step in dealing with the issue. Anger becomes a problem when small things in daily life trigger an unwarranted angry response. Often, this behavior results in friends and family becoming uneasy in that person's company for fear of setting him/her off. Another common symptom is when simple comments or questions are met with rage. Violent reactions are often a sign of uncontrolled anger, as is the constant harboring of jealousy and bitterness toward family, friends, and co-workers.

While anger in many people is easily recognizable because of their outward reactions, in some people the rage is hidden inside and is more difficult to detect; however, repressed rage is equally destructive. Many people will try to hide their anger, causing a chain reaction inside the mind and body. Hidden anger often results in self-loathing, withdrawal from relationships, loneliness, and self-sabotage.

Anger has immediate and profound effects on the human body, regardless of whether the anger is expressed or repressed. When we become angry we:

  • sweat
  • breathe rapidly
  • experience an increased heart rate
  • release adrenaline

Fortunately, there is help for those suffering from uncontrollable anger, and with the proper treatment, families and lives can heal.

Treatment Strategies

Once a problem with anger is identified, treatment can be very effective. Most anger management involves behavioral therapy and cognitive therapy. The purpose is to "re-train" the brain to respond to triggers that may cause an angry response. If a person can identify the trigger, the response can be adjusted in a rational way.

Did You Know

A recent survey indicated that 45% of those surveyed regularly lose their temper at work, and 64% of office workers have felt "office rage."

Source: Sunday Times, 2006

Knowledge and self-awareness are keys to treating uncontrolled anger. When a person can identify emotional situations, he/she can also identify suitable responses that should result from the situations. Additionally, knowing how anger affects the body will allow the sufferer to recognize the onset of anger and change the reaction to one more appropriate for the given situation.

Individual and group therapy can help with anger management. It has proven to be very successful and trained counselors can help with introspection and self-discovery that people cannot easily achieve on their own.

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