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Common Concerns of Parenting

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Parenting and devising rules for your children can be frustrating and overwhelming at times. There is no handbook and much of our parenting style comes from our own personal experiences while growing up, even if our childhood experiences weren't that good. You may wonder if you're doing the right thing because you may have a fear of doing harm to your children. That is certainly a natural concern.

Even if you feel alone in your role as a parent, there are resources that can help you. Here are some general suggestions:

  • Allow yourself to network with other parents you know and discuss with them approaches, rules, etc. If you don't already have a network, consider creating a group.
  • Use the many resources that exist for parents, from books to school counselors to pediatricians, etc.
  • Discuss parenting with others whom you respect, whether parents, relatives, friends, or professionals.
  • Give yourself permission to learn parenting ins and outs, realizing that good parenting can indeed be a learning process.

Learning the parenting styles and problem-solving approaches of other parents can increase your confidence and help you establish your own policies and you will learn which approach is best for both you and your children. Remember that knowledge is power and making informed decisions gives you the confidence in those decisions and empowers you as a parent.

Managing Your Time

One of the major issues faced by parents is finding the optimum balance between child-rearing responsibilities and time for themselves. If you take much time for yourself, you may feel guilty about the time taken away from your children.

Did You Know

A recent survey showed that 34% of parents were more concerned with how to make punishment work than with school performance, discipline, values, and self-esteem.

So how do you find that balance? Obviously, parenting your children is time consuming and raising children will always represent an investment of time. However, on the other hand, if you become tired, drained, or ill from not attending to yourself, you are not being as helpful to your children as you could be.

Finding the right balance will be an individual matter. While you will ultimately know best what your children need from you, there are resources that can help inform you. Consider some of the parenting magazines, books, professionals, and websites that speak to this issue. Learn the various approaches that are recommended and know which would be best for your children. Allow yourself to experiment and see what works best.

While parenting can be challenging, it needn't be overwhelming. You can find the right balance to strike without feeling alone.

Your Investment in Their Future

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