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Many people dread the idea of dating. Usually they don't fear meeting new people; they simply want to cut through all the games and find someone with whom they are compatible. The problem is too many people put up emotional barriers because they are afraid of being hurt. Furthermore, once they have been hurt, it is more difficult for them to trust others and allow themselves to be vulnerable in the eyes of someone new. Navigating these obstacles can make dating seem more like a chore than an opportunity.

If you are looking to remove some of the common barriers that prevent you from finding and creating a healthy relationship, consider some of the challenges professionals see in individuals who are struggling in relationships. See if you personally identify with these or see these behaviors in the people you meet. Here's a common list of behaviors seen in people who seem to struggle in dating relationships:

Did You Know

44% of adults in America are single.

  • Fear of intimacy
  • Social anxiety
  • Fear of being abandoned
  • Jealousy
  • Fear of rejection
  • Anger
  • Addiction
  • Lingering family issues

Unresolved issues such as these can prevent individuals from finding true intimacy in relationships. Learning to overcome such feelings inside yourself and recognizing them in others can prevent you from years of loneliness, heartbreak, and bad relationships. Far too many people get into unhealthy relationships and try to work them out with people who simply aren't ready for a serious dating relationship.

How Can a Person Be More Successful at Dating?

The first step to being successful at dating is being healthy. Healthy people, both emotionally healthy and socially healthy, tend to draw healthy people toward them. The second step is to identify and date people who are healthy and ready for a dating relationship. It is never wise to assume that just because someone is dating they are healthy enough to date and engage in a positive, long-lasting relationship. Other steps that help people succeed in dating relationships include:

  • Developing personal boundaries and expectations
  • Opening positive communication
  • Being able to quickly identify red flags in dating relationships
  • Being authentic about who you are

Finally, many individuals have questions about dating relationships, but they are afraid to ask. Most people don't realize that successful dating and healthy relationships require skills and work. Family and friends may tell you what to do, but knowledgeable professionals may be better equipped to help you identify behaviors in yourself and others that may hurt you in the long run if not dealt with appropriately. Don't be afraid to ask people who genuinely understand what makes relationships work.

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