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One of the most common sexual problems encountered is one partner having a sexual libido different from the other partner's. Many couples run into this problem in their relationship. They love each other, but their needs and desires for sexual intimacy are not the same. Sadly, many couples do not know how to resolve these differences and end up feeling isolated and alone in their relationship. Other couples struggle with sexual intimacy because of physical problems, such as dyspareunia (painful sexual intercourse) or erectile dysfunction.

Other possible reasons couples struggle with sexual intimacy include:

  • Fear of intimacy
  • Discomfort with sexual touch
  • Abuse from childhood or other relationships
  • Perception that sex is bad
  • Abuse in the relationship
  • Poor communication

Regardless of why a couple has challenges in their sexual relationship, there are many possible solutions these couples can benefit from. In many situations the hardest part is reaching out for help and finding new solutions. Most couples long to be close to each other, but when they don't know how to discuss or resolve their differences, problems continue or worsen. Our society has often viewed open, honest dialogue about intimate sexual issues as taboo, so many people avoid it for fear of discomfort.

How Can Sexual Intimacy Problems be Treated?

It is a good idea to begin by eliminating potential physical problems. When sex is painful or the body is unable to perform, it is very important to seek medical assistance. Once these challenges have been evaluated and resolved, if there are still differences, the couple can benefit by gaining more knowledge and opening honest communication.

Did You Know

According to, 60 % of people say that sex is a fun, enjoyable, vital part of life. However, only 44 % of people are fully satisfied with their sex lives.

Some individuals do not understand their own sexuality or their partner's. As a consequence, they may hurt their relationship. For example, a man may feel that if his wife doesn't have sex with him when he wants to, she doesn't love him. The fact may be that she does love him, but she is overly tired after a long day's work. While she enjoys sex and being close, it may simply be that she doesn't want it as frequently as he does. In other words, their sexual libidos are different. Consequently, he may misinterpret her lack of desire as a rejection of him. This simple misunderstanding and lack of communication can lead to growing problems. Not initiating sex for fear of rejection has long been one of the leading cause of sexual frustration among couples.

On the other hand, a woman may feel that sex is all her husband wants from her and, consequently, she pulls away from him. The reality may be that her husband just wants to be close and feel her love. In circumstances like these, couples would benefit by learning to communicate more effectively with each other. Learning about their own sexuality and how to communicate more effectively with one another are two critical modes of improving sexual intimacy in a relationship.

Recapture The Love

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