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10 Simple Solutions to Shyness

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Even though statisticians report that more than 37 million Americans suffer from diagnosable social phobia, common sense suggests that nearly all of us have, at one time or another, had clammy palms and knocking knees because of an intimidating, uncomfortable social situation. The party where you don't know a single soul, the crowded lobby of a movie theatre, the presentation you've been dreading for weeks—any of these have the potential to ruin your week without necessarily sending you to the psychiatrist's couch. The ten simple exercises in this book help readers shed their shyness and start socializing with confidence and √©lan. The book examines shyness by symptoms: physical discomfort, anxious thoughts, and bothersome behaviors. Solutions—based in clinically proven cognitive behavioral therapy—follow, directly addressing all three. Readers can carry the book in a briefcase or purse for last minute support and extra confidence. Once the ten simple solutions are learned, they will be constant companions, providing courage, poise, and composure when readers need them most.

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