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It's Not About the Weight

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Dr. Susan J. Mendelsohn is all too familiar with eating disorders: she has personally wrestled with them for more than fifteen years. "It's Not about the Weight: Attacking Eating Disorders from the Inside Out" is part self-help guide and part memoir that tackles growing up with - and growing through - the challenge of body image distortions.

Whether you're just beginning your battle with an eating disorder (ED) or have struggled for years, this guide addresses the common themes of weight and body image preoccupations, the psychological place in which you may find yourself and, most importantly, how you can manage these obsessions through practical steps of self-healing - from the inside out.

Weaving real-life cases of Dr. Mendelsohn's clinical practice with her own personal struggles, this compelling success story shows you the appropriate steps in how to overcome the obstacles of weight and body image, how to triumphantly manage weight during recovery, how to maintain an overall satisfying existence, and how to finally live your life no matter what shape, size, or weight you are at any given time. Take this unique opportunity to let "It's Not about the Weight" guide you to a successful recovery and an overall healthy and balanced lifestyle!

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