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A Parent's Guide to Getting Kids Out of the Family Bed

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Many parents enjoy the positive bonding that comes with having their infant in their bed, but after a few years of having a thrashing, kicking child disturbing your rest and, well, recreation in the evening hours, you'll probably start thinking of ways to remove your child from the family bed. Recent surveys suggest that many parents admit they would like their children to sleep in their own beds but lack the energy or patience for this nighttime battle.

A Parent's Guide to Kids Out of the Family Bed will help you set limits, not only with respect to keeping kids in their own beds, but also in other areas of your child's life. It will also help you teach children to be more independent and able to get to sleep on their own. This program comes in three week-long phases. First, you'll learn the art of limit-setting. Then you'll find out how to teach kids to be more self-reliant. Finally, both you and your children will work together to become a 'sleep-smart' family. The workbook also addresses special circumstances like divorce, fears, death in the family, and so forth.

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