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30 Panic & Anxiety Tips and Strategies

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Clinical and health psychologist, Dr. Peter Lambrou, has created these audio tips and strategies to help people recover from fears, worries, panic attacks. When you have avoided situations or places out of fear of having a panic attack, if you experience anxiety and are distracted from work, social, or even everyday activities because of worry that you'll feel anxiety, then this 2-CD set will provide the techniques and methods to gain confidence, feel comfortable, and enjoy life. Containing thirty 3 - 7-minute messages that cover the essential strategies to overcome panic and anxiety, these tips are grounded in the science of cognitive and behavioral psychology that has been proven to be an effective approach to recovering from anxiety attacks. These tips and strategies are being used by therapists around the country to help their clients resolve anxiety and return to enjoying life. This is a tremendous amount of content for a small price.

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