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Anger Management Questions

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I find myself more and more angry lately. My doctor suggested that my anger might be stress related or that it could be depression. I don't see how my anger could be tied to depression. Can you help me understand this?

Answered by: Dr. Kevin Skinner

How would you define physical abuse?

Answered by: Kenneth Patey

This has been a depressing summer. And interestingly I have been sick with colds and sneezes more this summer than I can ever remember. Is there a relationship between health and emotions? Oh yes, what would be your best tip for dealing with my depression? As you can hear, its not something I am excited about addressing.

Answered by: Ilene Dillon

What is the link between depression and physical pain? And can you get rid of the physical pain while you are dealing with the depression? Or will the pain remain until depression is resolved?

Answered by: Wanda Brothers

My ex is awful. What do I do?

Answered by: Ilene Dillon

I was just told by my doctor that I had IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). Can someone help me understand a little about what is IBS? Is there any way to treat it, besides medication?

Answered by: Wanda Brothers

I have recently been battling with depression and can manage it most days. But recently, when I get into large group settings, I find that I start to feel physically awful. I get sweaty and shaky and dizzy...I actually feel physically sick. I have to go find a quiet, cool place for these feelings to subside. My friend said it could be anxiety attacks, but I don't recollect ever having anxiety attacks. Do these symptoms fit anxiety?

Answered by: Wanda Brothers

My husband is a police detective, and in the last three months, he has been involved in investigating three brutal murders. The things he sees and deals with all day long are gruesome and cruel and I have noticed some changes in him lately. What are some of the symptoms that I should watch out for if I believe he may be suffering from PTSD?

Answered by: Wanda Brothers

"There are times when my child becomes so upset it can't calm her down. It's like she's out of control with rage. She can stay this way for up to an hour or more. What am I supposed to do when she is like this?"

Answered by: Jennifer Walburger

My son is a high school junior and involved in varsity sports. With the practice schedule, games, travel, and school work, by the end of the week he is tired and snapping at little things. The flashes of temper only appear when he's over tired and time for extra sleep seems impossible to find. He's not out of control but he's not much fun to be around by Friday night! How can I help him recognize the true cause of his lack of patience and manage better when he's so tired?

Answered by: Dr. Donavan Outten