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Domestic Violence Questions

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I find myself deeply troubled. My husband refuses to provide money to meet the basic needs our children have. If I make a fuss, he cuts back on what he normally gives me. I think this is abuse. Am I wrong?

Answered by: Kenneth Patey

I wonder if I am in a verbally abusive relationship. What is verbal abuse?

Answered by: Kenneth Patey

I was just told by my doctor that I had IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). Can someone help me understand a little about what is IBS? Is there any way to treat it, besides medication?

Answered by: Wanda Brothers

My husband is a police detective, and in the last three months, he has been involved in investigating three brutal murders. The things he sees and deals with all day long are gruesome and cruel and I have noticed some changes in him lately. What are some of the symptoms that I should watch out for if I believe he may be suffering from PTSD?

Answered by: Wanda Brothers

My husband and I fight and things get out of hand. Last night he hit me-this seems to happen after we have a few drinks. How can I make this stop?

Answered by: Susan Adams

How would you define physical abuse?

Answered by: Kenneth Patey

I have abused my spouse in the past. I feel bad about it, but at times she pisses me off so bad I cannot control my behaviors. I know this is wrong, but how can I stop from getting so upset?

Answered by: Kenneth Patey

I keep hearing about abusive men, but I am a male in an abusive relationship. My spouse is constantly yelling at me and telling me how bad I am. Why would she do this? I am tired of her abuse. What can I do to stop it?

Answered by: Dr. Kevin Skinner