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Happiness Questions

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I tend to be a perfectionist, which works well for me for the most part, but sometimes, I just can't let some things go. I try so hard to get something perfect that my relationships or my work suffers. How can I find balance between perfectionism and productivity?

Answered by: Ilene Dillon

This has been a depressing summer. And interestingly I have been sick with colds and sneezes more this summer than I can ever remember. Is there a relationship between health and emotions? Oh yes, what would be your best tip for dealing with my depression? As you can hear, its not something I am excited about addressing.

Answered by: Ilene Dillon

My life is good and I have a nice family, but I feel like I just don't have a lot of happiness in my life right now. Things are so busy and I am not sure what I can do in the limited amount of time that I have in the day to bring joy into my life. Are there simple things that I can do alone or with my family to help us all feel happier?

Answered by: Ilene Dillon

What are some simple things I can do to be happier with my life?

Answered by: Dr. Kevin Skinner

I love my husband…but I don't know if I am in love with him. He is not an easy man to live with, he has a temper and it's hard for him to think about my needs. But I think I maybe the problem as well. I don't really feel anything these days. Nothing makes me happy, so I don't think it's all him. What should I do?

Answered by: Ashley Seeger

I work with sales and I enjoy my job, but I it takes a lot out of me. I get frustated and worried that I am not creating results like I want to. What can I do to feel more confident with my day to day interactions?

Answered by: Diane Brandon

I have a good job, my marriage is fine, my two kids are doing well in school, everything is happening as it should, but I am not as happy as I would expect or want. To be honest, I find myself reluctant to ask this question to you "shrink types" because I don't want to be labeled as depressed or be told I am in some mid-life crisis. My life is great; I want to know how to feel more happiness. Your thoughts?

Answered by: Brett Williams

I have 3 children and a pessimistic negative wife. I am so unhappy. I am 40. Is this all there is? Do you have to stay in a relationship when you aren't happy? Doesn't my happiness count for something?

Answered by: Susan Adams

As the author of "The Self-Esteem Book: The Ultimate Guide to Boosting the Most Important Ingredient for Success and Happiness in Life" I see that you are passionate about championing people to elevate their self-esteem. Why is this so important?

Answered by: Dr. Joe Rubino

I have given up hope for my own happiness. I seem to listen to everyone else, but nobody seems to care about me. I give and give to others and never receive anything back. Why do I give so much with such little return?

Answered by: Brett Williams