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Nutrition Questions

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I don't have time to eat breakfast; my boss allows only 30 minutes for lunch and by dinner time I am too tired to cook. Sometimes I don't even eat dinner. I know that this isn't the healthiest lifestyle, but what can I do about it?

Answered by: Luana Tomchak

My husband really likes having eggs and toast for breakfast every morning. Because he has high cholesterol, I am concerned that eating eggs will make his cholesterol numbers worse. How can I get him to give up his eggs?

Answered by: Luana Tomchak

This has been a depressing summer. And interestingly I have been sick with colds and sneezes more this summer than I can ever remember. Is there a relationship between health and emotions? Oh yes, what would be your best tip for dealing with my depression? As you can hear, its not something I am excited about addressing.

Answered by: Ilene Dillon

In your evaluation results you mention "eating a balanced diet." What exactly is a balanced diet? And how much is considered a serving of meat, veggies, fruit, dairy, and bread? How many a day are you supposed to consume?

Answered by: Luana Tomchak

My son plays varsity football. Lately he has started drinking big glasses of protein shakes and drinks in an effort to bulk up. He lifts, does team workouts, and runs daily, and he's not a big guy at 5' 7" 140 lbs. I worry that he is substituting these drinks for good nutrition and benefits of balanced diet, since if anything they seem to suppress his natural appetite. Should I worry?

Answered by: Luana Tomchak

My son is a high school junior and involved in varsity sports. With the practice schedule, games, travel, and school work, by the end of the week he is tired and snapping at little things. The flashes of temper only appear when he's over tired and time for extra sleep seems impossible to find. He's not out of control but he's not much fun to be around by Friday night! How can I help him recognize the true cause of his lack of patience and manage better when he's so tired?

Answered by: Dr. Donavan Outten

My 12-year-old son keeps leaving for school without breakfast in the mornings. He says he isn't hungry. Lunch happens at 1:00 and he gets too hungry and gets a headache. I remind him of this but it doesn't work. What can I do?

Answered by: Susan Adams

I am very anxious about my weight. I have gained 15 pounds in the last year. I starve and then I eat like crazy--I love cake and cookies so I avoid them until I can't stand it and then I pig out. What do you suggest?

Answered by: Susan Adams

I get so angry with my husband that I scream at him and also at the kids. I don't know what is wrong with me. I am 55--could I be going through the "change"? I always screamed but it is much worse now.

Answered by: Susan Adams

I have a 15 year old daughter that is gifted and talented, but she is also over weight. Her Dr. would like her to lose 50lbs over the next 4 years.

Answered by: Dr. Peter Lambrou