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We recently relocated and my eight-year-old daughter is having trouble making friends. It is really destroying her confidence and her school experience. How can I help with this very delicate problem?

Answered by: Lynda R. Williams

How can I potty train my resistant 3 year old?

Answered by: Dr. Laura Markham

My life is good and I have a nice family, but I feel like I just don't have a lot of happiness in my life right now. Things are so busy and I am not sure what I can do in the limited amount of time that I have in the day to bring joy into my life. Are there simple things that I can do alone or with my family to help us all feel happier?

Answered by: Ilene Dillon

My 26-year-old daughter and her two sons (ages 2 and 7-years-old) have recently had to move back home with my husband and I. She receives little to no financial support from the children's father and she works a job that pays $8 an hour. Currently she is staying home with the kids while I am at work and then she goes to work when I get home. Child care is expensive and with the rate she is paid at her job she cannot afford to send the children to daycare. This leaves me to care for the children from the time I get home until their bedtime. This is my daughter and I am here to help her out but I do not see an end to our current situation. My husband and I both work and since she is living with us our wages are considered in any assistance she applies for from the government causing the aid to be denied. My daughter cannot afford to move out making only $8 an hour and I am not going to turn my back on her. What can our family do to move towards getting my daughter back on her feet financially and living on her own?

Answered by: Ilene Dillon

I have a teenaged son who has started to pull away from family interaction. He comes home from school and goes to his room and stays there until called upon for dinner or to do chores or what ever. Lately I know where to find him. He is in his room. I can't get any reasonable answers from him. Or answers that make sense of the current behavior. There is no indication of drug use, that I can find. It looks like to me he is being bullied. Either by another student or by an adult. What indicators have I missed?

Answered by: Ilene Dillon

I'm a working mother, and I have young children who I leave in the care of family members while I'm at work. I trust my children's caregivers, but one of my greatest fears is that my children will be abused or molested and I'll miss the signs. What are the signs of abuse in very young children?

Answered by: Lynda R. Williams

I have been considering placing my unborn child for adoption, but I am wondering if it is the best thing for my child. I am afraid that he will think that I didn't want him.

Answered by: Ilene Dillon

I have a teenage daughter, age 14, and she has started to collect things associated with horror. Posters, trinkets, even her music is ugly. She seems to have this fascination with death or the dead. Not dying, she is very up beat and popular in school and participates in a lot of school activities so I don't believe it is a suicide thing. It looks like a hobby, trend, or phase she might be going through. Am I right in this position, or is there more to come? Should I be worried?

Answered by: Ashley Seeger

"There are times when my child becomes so upset it can't calm her down. It's like she's out of control with rage. She can stay this way for up to an hour or more. What am I supposed to do when she is like this?"

Answered by: Jennifer Walburger

"My daughter has begun school and has been having an unusual amount of anxiety what can I do?"

Answered by: Jennifer Hayes