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Step Families Questions

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Both my fiance' and I have kids from our previous marriages that live with us. How can we best prepare our kids for blending the two families together under one roof?

Answered by: Dr. Laura Markham

How do you prepare your kids for blending with another family?

Answered by: Dr. Kevin Skinner

Dr. Jorgensen, my ex-husband married a family friend of ours. Facilitating weekend visitations were amicable until she got pregnant. Since then she acts like she hates me and won't even consider being near me, let alone talking to me. I'm not looking for a friendship with her, simply civility. I cannot think of anything I've done or said to her. You would think she would "adore" me, for now she is married to Mr. Wonderful. Is it possible she has discovered he is NOT Mr.Wonderful and is projecting her anger towards me because if I hadn't of divorced him, she wouldn't be married to him? It's affecting those of my kids who live with them - they are distancing themselves from me. The kids who live with me are not behaving this way. What can I do? And what is happening?

Answered by: Dr. Rebecca Jorgensen

I have a blended family - 2 of mine, 1 of his. I see a pattern developing that my husband is "on again - off again" in his relationship with my children and consistent with his. It's like he has lots of patience, time and protection for his son but his relationship with my kids is mood dependent. He will sometimes draw them into his circle with this son but otherwise, especially if his son is not at the house, he will ignore them or be snappy. I see the hurt in their eyes when they feel left out. I am worried about jealousy and rejection. What should I do?

Answered by: Ilene Dillon

My husband and I have been married about a year. I came to the marriage with three kids; he has one. At family holidays and events, his mother and sister invite him, his ex-wife and son but do not invite me and my kids. My husband goes because he wants his son to have a relationship with his family and their attitude is she's the mother of their grandchild/nephew and I'm not. I thought this situation would get better over time but so far I just feel rejected and frustrated. What should I do?

Answered by: Ilene Dillon

My wife and I just got married so I am a new stepparent. I am close to my stepkids as their mom and I have dated for a long time. What are my rights and duties as a stepparent as defined by law if something happens to her?

Answered by: Ed Adams

My dad died four years ago when I was 13. About a year after dad died, Mom asked me how I would feel about her dating. I cried and she never brought it up again. I have changed my mind. I think she should date. She still wears her wedding ring and goes about life matter of factly. How do I handle this?

Answered by: Susan Adams

I am marrying a man in a few weeks who is a widower with a thirteen year old daughter. They have done everything together since his wife/her mom/ died. I like his daughter "Ginny" but I am worried about how to behave once I officially join the family. Any suggestions?

Answered by: Susan Adams

I have a biological daughter who is l0 and my husband has a boy aged l4. My husband is hard on my daughter and yet his son gets aways with everything. Joe, my husband, says he feels sorry for his son who lost his mother 5 years ago. This is intolerable. What do I do?

Answered by: Susan Adams

I am the biological mother in our stepfamily-remarried one year. The children's new stepfather is constantly correcting them. He says that I am too easy on them. They have a father who is rather strict. I have been the "softee"--now I am protecting my kids from my husand and I am afraid I am going to fail at this marriage too. What can I do?

Answered by: Susan Adams