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I have been a construction foreman for a local homebuilder for nearly 20 years. Despite the recent economic woes, our company is in a pretty good market, and we have remained busy. As a matter of fact, my company expanded to a new market, opening up a branch in another state nearly 700 miles away. The president of the company told me that if I wanted to keep my job, I would have to become foreman in the new branch. My grown kids live only blocks away, and not long ago, I got to see the birth of my first grandchild. The thought of leaving and not seeing them grow tore me apart. My wife said she would not leave this town and her family, but my boss gave me the ultimatum: I move, or I'm out of a job. I was so torn and burdened by this that it was ruining my life. I couldn't eat or sleep, I couldn't stop my mind from spinning, I literally felt like I was losing control over all my life, my family, my career. I don't know where to go, where to turn, or what to do. My current situation at work has put me in a terrible position: I am forced to choose between my family and my career. The recent stress of the situation has taken a toll on me and I cannot shake it. I have lost my appetite, I don't sleep at night, and I am always tired. . . sometimes to the point that I am too tired to think any more. But no matter what I do, I cannot turn my brain off. It constantly races with "what-if's" and second-guesses. This is no way to live and I have to make something change. How do I cope with this?

Answered by: Dr. Rich Varlinsky

I don't like sports, how can I lower my stress?

Answered by: Dr. Peter Lambrou

I tend to be a perfectionist, which works well for me for the most part, but sometimes, I just can't let some things go. I try so hard to get something perfect that my relationships or my work suffers. How can I find balance between perfectionism and productivity?

Answered by: Ilene Dillon

What is the link between depression and physical pain? And can you get rid of the physical pain while you are dealing with the depression? Or will the pain remain until depression is resolved?

Answered by: Wanda Brothers

I have been diagnosed with a serious illness and it has got me freaked out. But I understand that my emotions will affect my healing. Tell me more about how emotions and healing work together.

Answered by: Brett Williams

My ex is awful. What do I do?

Answered by: Ilene Dillon

I was just told by my doctor that I had IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). Can someone help me understand a little about what is IBS? Is there any way to treat it, besides medication?

Answered by: Wanda Brothers

My sister has always been an overachiever, but I am worried lately that she has been burning the candle at both ends and could possibly be nearing a nervous breakdown. She only sleeps a couple of hours a night, has commented on how forgetful she is now, and always seems overwhelmed, yet driven to keep up with her very hectic life. She has 3 kids, a very demanding job, and always seems to be involved in everything. She can't say no if someone asks for her help. How can I tell if she is really in trouble?

Answered by: Wanda Brothers

I have recently been battling with depression and can manage it most days. But recently, when I get into large group settings, I find that I start to feel physically awful. I get sweaty and shaky and dizzy...I actually feel physically sick. I have to go find a quiet, cool place for these feelings to subside. My friend said it could be anxiety attacks, but I don't recollect ever having anxiety attacks. Do these symptoms fit anxiety?

Answered by: Wanda Brothers

My husband is a police detective, and in the last three months, he has been involved in investigating three brutal murders. The things he sees and deals with all day long are gruesome and cruel and I have noticed some changes in him lately. What are some of the symptoms that I should watch out for if I believe he may be suffering from PTSD?

Answered by: Wanda Brothers