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Troubled Teens Questions

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How common is depression among teens?

Answered by: Dr. Hillary Goldsher

How do I keep my teen interested in school?

Answered by: Lynda R. Williams

I have recently been battling with depression and can manage it most days. But recently, when I get into large group settings, I find that I start to feel physically awful. I get sweaty and shaky and dizzy...I actually feel physically sick. I have to go find a quiet, cool place for these feelings to subside. My friend said it could be anxiety attacks, but I don't recollect ever having anxiety attacks. Do these symptoms fit anxiety?

Answered by: Wanda Brothers

My son is 16. I checked his computer and found that he is looking at heavy porn sites. He has been lying to us about where he takes the car and with wom. I think it is typical teen-age stuff but how do I handle it? His dad handles him by yelling. Sometimes I yell too. I have blocked his access to the sites but I am curious to see what he will do when he can't get onto them.

Answered by: Geoff Steurer

Vanessa, I saw you on CNN and I wanted to send you a question about my teenager. My kid seems anger with me about everything I say. I just open my mouth and my son rolls his eyes and acts like I am the stupidest person on the planet. My problem is this. I want to ask him about drugs and I know he is going to blow. How should I approach him?

Answered by: Vanessa Van Petten

My son is a high school junior and involved in varsity sports. With the practice schedule, games, travel, and school work, by the end of the week he is tired and snapping at little things. The flashes of temper only appear when he's over tired and time for extra sleep seems impossible to find. He's not out of control but he's not much fun to be around by Friday night! How can I help him recognize the true cause of his lack of patience and manage better when he's so tired?

Answered by: Dr. Donavan Outten

The other day my daughter was on her Facebook account and I happened to catch a glimpse of her screen. Her friend had commented, "I am still a virgin because I have only had oral sex. " I did not know what to say. I wasn't sure if my daughter was talking about having sex or being a virgin. I did not say anything because I did not want her to know I looked at her computer. But now I am not sure if I should or how to talk with her about it or, if so, how to begin the conversation. Please help.

Answered by: Vanessa Van Petten

My son was diagnosed as bipolar what can I do to help him?

Answered by: Joshua Turner

My 15-year-old daughter left her diary on her bed and I read it. She is writing about having sex with her boyfriend. What do I do now?

Answered by: Susan Adams

I was cleaning my son's room yesterday. He is 16. I found some pot under his bed. I haven't told him or my husband yet. What do I do?

Answered by: Susan Adams