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Alcohol: Steps to Sobriety

You can stop abusing alcohol and take control of your life again. You will create a recovery plan that fits your life and your needs, and then you will take action to stop drinking alcohol and maintain a life of sobriety.

Couples Communication

This workshop will teach you communication skills that allow you to uncover and resolve the core issues at stake in your relationship. You will feel safe to talk more honestly and deeply than ever before.

Live Happier

We all want happiness in our lives, and recent findings tell us that the benefits of happiness to our health and life are tremendous. Learn practical ways that you can increase your satisfaction with life and your overall happiness.

Overcoming Depression

Although depression disrupts all aspects of your life, you can overcome depression by applying active, practical strategies, beginning today. Learn how to feel confident and positive so you can enjoy life again.

Strategies for Stress Relief - En Español

We often think of stress as the enemy to happiness since the consequences of stress overload can be so debilitating. Learn to work with your stress instead of against it, and you can make stress manageable and even helpful in your daily life.

Estrategias para el alivio del estrés - En Español

Seguido pensamos en el estrés como el enemigo de nuestra felicidad, debido a que las consecuencias de una sobrecarga de estrés puede ser debilitante. Aprenda a trabajar con su estrés, en vez de en contra, y logrará sobrellevarlo, y hasta podrá convertirlo